The Turning Process

Generally, I like to start by cutting a blank out round on my hand made wooden bandsaw but this piece was just too big to fit. Instead, I knocked the corners off with the chainsaw. Still, at 16″ in diameter by 12″ tall, this beast felt like it weighed 50 or 60 pounds.

After getting the outside round, the pile of shavings is ankle deep.

This log had just a tiny bit of ring shake to it, and I thought I had cut it all out with the chainsaw. There was still a weak spot that I managed to find.

It’s probably fortunate that I lost the rim and ended up making this vessel a little shallower than originally planned. My curved tool rest was too short to get to the bottom of the bowl, and I had a lot of tool chatter that had to be sanded out.

This vessel will need some time to dry since the wood was very green. It will warp as it looses moisture, but I enjoy the character that adds.

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